October 24th, 2010


CAF half ironman (Challenged Athletes Foundation) was last Sunday at La Jolla Cove – good turnout, good times, and a lot of money was raised.  I heard over a million.

For more info click here…  Challenged Athletes Foundation

October 19th, 2010

Welcome Casey to the team

Casey is a friend of mine out of Los Angeles with a background in snowboarding and skateboarding.  He’s been a contributing artist to women’s collections for Top Shop, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Pronounced Love, and Groceries just to name a few.  We’ll be updating our site with new suits with his signature artwork starting in December. Hope you like them! You can check out more of his previous work at


October 13th, 2010

To one of the most generous business owners I’ve met

Have you ever wanted to meet someone who seamed way out of your league? That’s probably a “yes,” because most people have. So what if you find a way to meet that person? The fact I’m the most insecure person in the world makes me nervous to even try to make this happen.  Imagine someone who’s in every swim store and is running three insanely busy businesses that take up weekdays and weekends, plus has kids?  With a schedule like that, why would anyone of this caliber go out of his or her way to help someone who couldn’t offer ANYTHING in return?

I met Karen Schmidt Allard a year ago.  I didn’t meet Karen because of her product, but because of her personality.  Let me explain: I met her through a swim buddy of mine when we were trying to get things going here at JOLYN.  He did me a favor and got us in touch so I could learn about entrepreneurship.  At that time I was fully employed by a San Diego firm in a completely different industry and took PTO to race up to her Orange County office to meet her.

She has a shampoo company named Tri-Swim, an anti goggle fog lubricant named Foggle, and an anti rashing/ chaffing spray on named Tri Slide.  When we met she didn’t talk about her own success one bit, or any of her products she’d spent years developing.  She only thought about how she could help me.  She made calls to the biggest swimwear boutiques in the Western USA to help get my product into stores; she put my fliers into her outgoing packages to customers to help promote my online business; and returned every phone call I ever made to her and answered every question I ever asked a favor of.  On top of that, she hired the nicest, best employees you could imagine who have all extended help to me in one way or another.

She’s an innovator and has an unbelievably helpful and giving personality who puts others before her own self.  Check out her website… just google Tri Swim Shampoo and/ or SBR Sports and it should come up (I’ve also posted a link below).  I’ve become a fan of the shampoo- it really does do the job without giving you an oily head like other “swim” shampoos.


You can see how popular Karen’s business has become. And they deserve all the success that comes to them.

September 26th, 2010

We love what we do

Just for fun… we know two gold zippers won’t work.  But who cares, right?

September 21st, 2010

Best show. Why was it cancelled?

Best show ever, sometimes you can catch it on the IFC channel, or just get the DVD’s.  It was never given a good schedule, airing on Saturdays before being suspended for the World Series, then came back for like 3 more weeks, then removed for 2 more months, then moved to Mondays for like 2 weeks. This show hits waaayyy close to growing up – it’s hard not to relate to just about every scene.

September 20th, 2010

Color Theory

This is the third installment on Color Theory from Dwell, and I’m so happy to be able to upload it.  If you missed the first two series, be sure to scroll back a few posts and check them out!


September 20th, 2010

TIEM Swimwear

Lately we’ve been handling a ton of design and production work, running into little issues here and there, missing little details here and there, and spending a little too much money here and there at JOLYN.  And I thought to myself, does TIEM make these types of mistakes?

Then I caught myself while working in a huge warehouse filled with seamstresses sewing the latest Patagonia line: I noticed I’m using TIEM as a benchmark more than the big companies.

In one of my last blogs I briefly mentioned a company named TIEM – a swimwear company created and managed by a long time Los Angeles County and California State Lifeguard named Tandis Morgan and her brother Tyler.  All I had known about Tandis before I met her was that she spent A LOT of time designing, trying, and testing her suits.  The rumor is 10 years, but I have yet to hear this from her own mouth, so don’t quote me. So when you buy a TIEM suit, you can think to yourself, “10 years of testing went into this piece.” The company name is her initials spelled out… fellow lifeguards and surfers started getting her suits before there was a name and simply used to refer to them as her initials.

During our first phone call, all we did was agree on everything.  We agreed on how there is ALWAYS a better fit to discover and it’s up to both of us to find it; good customer service is a necessity; and swimwear should be made in a way where we would personally want it, except for the fact that I’m a guy and I can’t wear what we make here at JOLYN. Although Tandis does all of the above (she personally answers and attends to every customer question, diligently develops her own pieces, and importantly won’t put anything with her company’s name on it that she wouldn’t buy herself), she hugely stresses this last point and finds it to be the driving factor behind the success she’s had. She’s been able to design for the female water rippers out there, which she embodies.  For those who don’t know, she’s put in her time competing for the USA in international lifeguard competition.  Back in the day we crossed paths but never knew it.

We’re supposed to grab a bite to eat here this week up in Hermosa where she just moved into a new studio next to the ocean.  If I wasn’t already jealous enough, she’s got a new place on the sand.

Tandis gets a lot of inspiration from the 1960’s & 70’s San Onofre Surfing Club

September 12th, 2010

Color Blocking

We’ve been playing around with color blocking.  Here’s Stacy in a new top of ours.  If you want one, or would like to see some of your favorite colors together, hit us up on facebook or shoot us an email through the website.  Cheers!

September 2nd, 2010

New suit update – I promised a photo

Even though we introduce different suits on a regular basis, this one seams to be the most exciting.  Everyone’s ecstatic about it – Ashley Miller (Int’l badass and former team captain for Berkeley Water Polo) and Stacy Peterson (former D1 swimmer and recent strength training coach for UCSD) are claiming it’s the best top they’ve ever worn.  Stacy’s heading to Maui to swim the Maui Channel race next week and picked hers up just in time.  She also wants to do some underwater shots with it when she gets back.  Here’s a photo of Bri Fejer, former coach and goalie, wearing one.

August 28th, 2010

We have a new suit hitting the market

Jolyn Clothing is probably best known for tie-back suits.  Our tie-back full suit one piece, a.k.a. “Mini,”  has become our most recognized suit because of its different look, and  our “tie top” is our most successful top because it offers athletes incredible hold while being ultra comfortable. We found the two separate cups work in the athlete’s favor because the lack of fabric in between the bust allows water to move through freely.  In my opinion, “tie-backs” are the most functional top on the market because the alternative, fixed straps, have a tendancy to become useless once the straps lose their elasticity or stretch out a little too far.  Tie backs (without the use of hardware or buckles) are gaining acceptance in the sports swimming industry due to companies like TIEM Surf and Jolyn Clothing, and the fact that the best competitors in the USA and even abroad are turning to our products equal to big companies like Speedo and Nike. And yep, Tandis (owner of TIEM, pronounced Tee-Em) and I are friends. I’ll be writing about her company soon, because she has a super awesome thing going on in surfing and lifeguarding, which translate into a great product for the aquatics industry. She’s a ripper for sure.

The suit in the photo below is the latest top Jolyn Clothing is introducing.  A little bit about it’s history: We’ve been making what the industry calls a “demi” top for about 3 years now.  A “demi top” is basically a spin-off of a sports bra, where a lateral piece of elastic runs across the top of the chest, and a second lateral piece of elastic runs along the bottom of the bust and torso, holding one large piece of fabric that spans across the entire front. Although I can’t speak for other manufacturers,  I have tried to slim out this center front over the years doing the best I could to make it dissappear. Problem was I critically lost support in the bra dealing with larger bust sizes.  Fabiola and TIEM have probably the  best looking demi tops out there, and I highly recommend both companies.

Many athletes want the support of two lateral elastic lines, and what we wanted to do was eliminate the “parachute” effect, where water catches between the bust when they have a B cup chest or greater. Parachuting causes suits to either bag out over time, or worse flash others during a bad dive or a strong push off the wall.  So what we simply did here at Jolyn was add a way for water to exhaust through a gap in the center front of the top by sewing in two separate cups, while keeping the upper and lower lateral elastics. We hope this suit will become one of the most accepted tops in the aquatic sports industry, in addition to being the best top to accommodate larger chested athletes.  When combined with tie-back straps, this top is subtly but intricately engineered to help with the range of differences of women’s bodies and torso volumes.

We already have a few tops out there proving great results with a few selected swimmers.  We’re starting another production run with various colors to be ready mid September. We’ll get a photo with a model for you soon so you can see how they look when worn. Trust me, they look great, and will be economically priced during these hard times.  If you are interested, please email us through our website at contact@jolynclothing.com to be one of the first to have one.

Our new top...

August 26th, 2010

Cool little interview on Pantone

What inspires your forecasts?

I look at the world of entertainment, such as upcoming films that might have specific colors attached to them. The art world is important as well. And sometimes two (or more) trends converge, such as the movie version of The Da Vinci Code. The logo and attention-getter for that film is the Mona Lisa—it’s appearing in ads and feature stories. The colors and sensibilities of that piece of art converge with many designers’ thoughts about using more painterly touches in their designs. The best example of how influential films can be, especially in children’s markets, is Shrek. When I first read about this film and heard that the main character would be an acidic yellow-green, that caught my eye. Monsters, Inc. was also a vibrant green. Kids will always follow the color trends of their favorite characters. Yellow-green filtered into every other area of kids’ lives—bedspreads, wall coverings, clothing, notebooks, and even the packaging of Skittles and other foods.

Are there other areas, besides entertainment, that influence people’s color predilections?

Social issues and their emblematic color can create trends. Green is the obvious color as symbolic of preservation of nature and sustainability. The economy can also come into play. When people are concerned about spending money on high-ticket items with longevity, they often want to resort to neutral colors. That does not mean that vibrant colors go away, but it does mean that they have to be used more judiciously, perhaps in accessories as opposed to the bigger-ticket items. Fashion, of course, is always important. The 2005 fall shows featured blues and blue-greens heavily, especially in combination with brown. That has now transitioned into home furnishings.

How do your forecasts affect designers and consumers?

We don’t update the Pantone colors based solely on trends, although that does have something to do with it. But if people feel that lavender is going to be a strong color, we’ll make sure we have a selection of lavenders in the color offerings. It’s not about reinventing the color wheel. It’s about getting the color wheel to evolve and change slightly. That’s really what forecasts are about—how to use colors that resonate. Every designer isn’t going to rush out and do what they saw in my forecast—they don’t want to do what everyone else is doing. But it does help inspire them, or help them to look at a palette and say, Wow, I’d never thought about combining that shade of rose with this shade of blue-green, but I like the way that looks together. Forecasts are simply a guideline; they’re not dogmatic.

How many colors are currently available in the Pantone pantheon?

In the textile system, for example, there are 1,925 colors. Every couple of years, we survey the market and when the designers say they need more white, or yellow, or darker greens, we pay attention to what they want and we introduce new colors to the system. That’s why the number of colors keeps going up—because designers are like greedy kids: There’s never enough color out there and they’re always going to want the nuance of a color that doesn’t exist.

-Fred A. Bernstein

August 24th, 2010

Surfeando a la playa

A little musica by The Drums, and a little stretching demo too.




August 23rd, 2010

Dainty Hand Crafted

Dain and I had a chance to get together the other week to talk about her new company Dainty Handcrafted.  We both grew up in the same area and she used to make these headbands everyone liked.  She recently got back into the game after college and has been killing it!  Coolest girl, coolest bands, and coolest vibe.  Check her out at http://www.daintyhandcrafted.com.


August 21st, 2010

One Creative Slogan + an Eco/ sustainable workout swim suit

I was down at my local pool doing what I call a “whatever” swim, where you don’t really swim much at all, but talk your brains out with anyone who’s willing to listen to your banter.  I had just finished selling some suits on deck and was now talking about new Jolyn products that have yet to hit the internet market, like our suit sewn with polyester fabric made from a yarn produced by recycled water bottles (pretty neat huh!), that are on limited order.  My friend and I then started talking about slogans, and we thought it would be cool to have something like, “1,000 colorful swims in one purchase,” or, “1,000 swims while looking good,” or something like that, hinting at the fact our suits are super durable.  This evolved into “1,000 MORE swims while looking good.”  And from there we came up with “1,000 more swims while looking good, sounding good, and tasting good.”  You can see where we started getting weird…

I looked up from the pool and saw a man typing away on his cell phone while my friend and I were jabbering about these “business like” ideas. He was wearing a hat with a big De Soto label on it and had a De Soto backpack next to him.  Could this be De Soto himself?? Of course not.  No way, not at the same pool I’m at. Then his wife got out of the water and she had a De Soto swimsuit on.  So I asked my friend if he or she was sponsored by De Soto… Turns out the man was De Soto, like of THE De Soto mega company that makes Triathlon apparel and swimwear.  Oh no.  Not good.  A competitor- and not just a competitor, but the owner of an incredibly well establish company, and former part owner of Tinley, one of the first triathlon apparel companies in existence (check out the photo of Scott Tinley and I from about 10 blog posts ago!).  Should I be concerned? What was he typing into his phone?  Was he sending out an email, and if so, what was it about??  Am I being narcissistic by thinking he cares?  Crud! I don’t know what’s going to happen now – he was there during EVERYTHING, and would had to have heard everything.  All of my friends told me his company’s product is way different than mine and not to worry, so I’m going to try my best not to.

Ugh.  I tried calling Ashley to tell her all about it, but she didn’t pick up.

This is our "Eco Suit," made with a polyester fabric made from recycled water bottles. Patagonia and The North Face use the same yarn this suit is made from, and from what I understand, will be using a lot more of it over the next few years.

August 5th, 2010

Team America

So Ashley’s really good friends with a lot of the National Water Polo Team (aka the Olympic team) and used to play with many of them growing up before college and while in college, and as teammates at UC Berkeley. I just got this photo from Elsie of some of the team sporting their practice suits made by us. One of the members is too young to be affiliated with a product, so we had to creatively hide her…

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